Digital marketing

SEO optimization, social media presence, SMS marketing


The world’s population actively uses social media.


Visual content is more frequently shared on social media compared to other types.


Recipients open every SMS they receive.

Website optimization

As a company specializing in website development and digital marketing, we emphasize to potential clients that professional web design does not guarantee website traffic unless it’s optimized for search engines. This brings us to the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which plays a dominant role in marketing today.

Why is SEO optimization so important?

The answer lies in a well-known fact, even to those not in the industry – keyword search. Rarely will someone find your website on a search engine solely by your company name. If you want to be found by anyone in need of your product or service, they’ll find you through keywords related to your business.

Moreover, it’s crucial for your website to appear on the first page of search results because it’s widely known that the majority of users, actually 90% of them, do not go to the next page when searching. That’s why when creating a website, we don’t just offer good design solutions, which are also important. With us, you can have a website that attracts a large number of visitors, thereby increasing the revenue potential, which is actually the initial idea behind creating a website.


Social Media Presence

Social media platforms represent an excellent channel for communication with potential consumers, for raising awareness about the existence of products or services, and at the same time, they provide valuable insights into the reputation your brand is building in the market. However, for visible results, strategic planning of presence is necessary, along with impeccable knowledge of the tools and capabilities that social media offer.

Our team, composed of creative marketing experts, provides you with their extensive experience in delivering quality content, advertising on social media, and monitoring the feedback on your brand’s performance.

Nastup na društvenim mrežama

Advertising on Facebook and Google Ad Networks

What is common for these advertising networks is the ability for precise market targeting and relatively low and affordable advertising costs, based on the pay-per-click (PPC) model. This is also the reason why these two platforms have become very popular.


Depending on the budget your company has available and the competitive landscape within your industry, it is necessary to fulfill the following conditions for a Google or Facebook campaign to achieve expected results:

-Thoroughly research keywords
-Create and optimize ad content
-Monitor and analyze campaign results thoroughly
If each of these steps is not thoroughly planned, it is impossible to expect positive results. Our team of professionals offers their knowledge and experience in finding the right way for your ad to reach the right people and generate a return on investment.

Creating Digital Content

Creating quality digital content nowadays becomes a unique challenge. For an internet campaign or website to have a good response, they must satisfy the following forms: video, graphic design, and blog writing. We can provide you with complete support for each of these segments, using the latest tools for their creation.

Kreiranje digitalnog sadržaja

SMS Marketing

Although it cannot compete technologically with the unstoppable evolution of information technologies in the form of mobile applications, websites, banners, and other digital content, it is precisely the simplicity and immediacy that make SMS marketing still the most prevalent form of mobile marketing. This is supported by the fact that SMS messages are almost always read, unlike emails. It is in human nature to prefer something proven and familiar, and SMS marketing owes its continued popularity to this fact.

SmileSoft offers quality solutions for building a customer database, creating SMS campaign content, as well as suitable platforms for mass messaging to a large number of recipients. If you want to raise consumer awareness of a product or brand, increase sales, engage customers in a loyalty program, and more, SMS marketing is an excellent solution. We can help you create and manage an SMS campaign that will retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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