Application development

Development of business solutions and mobile applications, as well as ready-made solutions

Development of Business Solutions

SmileSoft is a software company specialized in designing customized software solutions and applications tailored to clients’ needs. By listening to their requirements, we challenge our team with a wide array of tasks. Additionally, to ensure continuous client satisfaction, we provide ongoing support throughout the use of our business solutions. Our business applications are adaptable to various platforms, but we primarily work with PHP and Java programming languages.

Our team is here to explore and discover the business solution that meets the needs of your operations. This approach reduces the likelihood of unexpected project deviations, as we provide you, the client, with a conceptual solution. In simpler terms: you present us with the problem, and we present you with the solution.

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Razvoj mobilnih aplikacija

Development of Mobile Applications

At SmileSoft, we are engaged in the development of mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms, aware that they are taking significant leadership today, precisely because they offer excellent user experience and access that is not limited to the confines of the company, thanks to 3G or 4G networks.
Our team offers you two types of mobile application development: as a basic or complementary package. This actually means that a mobile application can be a standalone development solution, but it can also be a way to upgrade an existing business solution that we have created for your business needs, in order to facilitate access from different devices.

Ready-Made Solutions

In addition to individually tailored business solutions, we have also developed a wide range of ready-made solutions based on our extensive experience with business owners from various industries. Since the inception of the company, specifically over the last 15 years, we have meticulously distilled all the requirements we received from our clients. As a result of long-term analysis and continuous improvement of user experience, the following software solutions have emerged:


Narcisa – software that facilitates easier salon management. It covers all aspects of business operations through client, supplier, and staff databases, appointment scheduling, product and service entry, working hours, and invoice issuance.


PontoCafe – covers all aspects of operating a hospitality establishment, from warehouse inventory to table scheduling to creating detailed reports.


Kameleon – business software for managing company operations, production, and keeping records of customers, suppliers, and employees.


Oculus –business software for managing optical shops and ophthalmology clinics.


Pandora – software developed in collaboration with professional real estate agents for sales management.

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